Life on two wheels: Cycling in the world's cities

  • 24 August 2014
  • From the section World

While cycling has never lost its appeal as a form of transport in many countries, in others - such as the UK - it is enjoying a revival. In a special series, BBC News asked people around the globe to tell them what life on two wheels is like in their part of the world.


Media captionTulip Mazumdar: "Safety is a big issue on London roads"

Tulip Mazumdar avoids the packed London Underground and buses at rush hour and takes a ride on one of London's "Boris" bikes.

Amsterdam and Delhi

Media captionBilliam Lal in Delhi: "Cyclists are looked down upon because they are poor"

In Amsterdam Dr Suzanna Adema safely takes her children everywhere on her bike, but Billiam Lal tells us how dangerous the roads are in Delhi.

Rio de Janeiro and Nairobi

Media captionJoshua Agisa says using his bicycle is the easiest way to get around Nairobi

Brazilian men's volleyball coach Bernado Rezende talks about breaking bones in Rio, and Joshua Agisa delivers packages in Nairobi.

Beijing and Cairo

Media captionWalaa Elhawary in Cairo "People sometimes make bad comments to me."

Hon Rui explains what cycling is like in rapidly changing Beijing, while Walaa Elhawary shares her experiences of cycling as a female in Cairo.