TPP: How social media reacted

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Image caption The TPP, which covers about 40% of the world economy, was struck on Monday

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is one of the most ambitious free trade agreements ever signed. It involves 12 countries with a collective population of 800 million.

Those in favour say this trade deal will strengthen economic ties among the countries involved, by cutting tariffs and boosting business. While those against fear it could mean jobs will move to the more developing countries involved where labour is cheaper.

Talks about the deal have been going on for five years and have been largely held in secret. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why there is plenty of social media speculation over what it will mean for the average person.

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So what are people saying about the TPP?

Message boards on sites like Reddit are full of explainers about what the TPP deal means.

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The agreement is designed to make it easier for businesses to trade with one another. It covers a multitude of industries, like health, business and intellectual property rights.

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There's concern about how it will affect jobs, businesses and computer users. Internet forums are buzzing with speculation that it will mean restrictions for consumers and the loss of jobs. Many have also commented on the fact that big, multinational companies will be able to challenge national governments if they do not get their way.

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There has been some positive reaction too.

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But ultimately it seems it is one of those issues that is dividing opinion online, as can be seen in these posts on Facebook.

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