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Chadian radio listener
Image caption The authorities exercise control over broadcasting output

Radio is the main medium, but state control of many broadcasting outlets allows few dissenting views.

State-run Radiodiffusion Nationale Tchadienne operates national and regional radio stations. Around a dozen private radio stations are on the air, despite high licensing fees. Some of them are run by non-profit groups. These broadcasters are subject to close official scrutiny.

The only television station, Tele-Tchad, is state-owned and its coverage favours the government.

The BBC (90.6) and Radio France Internationale broadcast on FM in the capital.

Private newspapers critical of the government circulate freely in N'Djamena, but have little impact among the largely rural and illiterate population.

Nearly 191,000 internet users were online by December 2011 (


  • Le Progres - daily
  • N'Djamena Hebdo - private weekly
  • L'Observateur - private weekly
  • Le Temps - private weekly
  • Notre Temps - private weekly


  • Tele-Tchad - state-owned


  • Radiodiffusion Nationale Tchadienne (RNT) - state-owned
  • Dja FM - private
  • Al-Nasr - private
  • Al-Bayan - private