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Newspapers in Gabon Image copyright Andrea Brum

Gabon's main broadcast media are government-controlled.

In 2013, Reporters Without Borders acknowledged the authorities had made some progress in media freedom but said journalists still faced "police brutality and intimidation by officials". The watchdog called for an overhaul of the country's 2001 media law.

Gabon's daily newspapers are government-affiliated. Many private weeklies are controlled by opposition parties. There are a few private broadcasters.

Gabon's state broadcaster operates two TV stations, a French-language radio network and provincial stations. Radio France Internationale is available on FM.

There were more than 670,000 internet users by November 2015 (


  • L'Union - government daily
  • Gabon Matin - government-affiliated daily
  • Le Temps - private weekly
  • Le Temoin - private weekly
  • La Lowe - private weekly
  • Le Journal - private, bi-monthly
  • La Relance - private weekly
  • Gabon Libre - news portal
  • Gabon Review - news portal


  • Radiodiffusion-Television Gabonaise - state-run, operates two channels
  • TeleAfrica - private


  • Radiodiffusion-Television Gabonaise - state-run, operates two networks
  • Africa No1 - Gabon-based, heard across French-speaking Africa via FM relays

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