Wheelchair user pushing himself across Africa


Zackary Kimotho from Kenya has been a wheelchair user since he was shot in a car-jacking eight years ago.

While he is one of thousands of Kenyans with spinal injuries, there is currently no specialist care available in the country.

Now Zack is trying to raise nearly £2m to build a Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Unit in Nairobi - the first in East Africa.

To do this he has begun an attempt to push himself across Africa, from the Kenyan capital Nairobi to South Africa, where the nearest Spinal Unit is.

Matthew Pinsent met him as he approached the Kenya-Tanzania border - at which point he had covered over 100 miles but still had more than 2,000 remaining.

According to the latest reports, Zack's journey has paused near the Tanzanian border while he awaits the renewal of a fundraising license.

You can see more about Zack and other disabled athletes in Kenya in 'Paralympic Dreams' on BBC1 on 8 September.

Bring Zack Back Home campaign

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