Pistorius trial: Day 16 round-up in tweets and pictures

Oscar Pistorius, 7 April Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Mr Pistorius said that shooting his girlfriend had left him sleepless, terrified and plagued by nightmares

The Oscar Pistorius trial has resumed after a 10-day break due to the illness of a court assessor, and the man everyone wanted to hear from has finally taken the stand.

Here is how our reporters covered the day's testimony, via tweets and video reports.

Day 16 - Monday 7 April

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Media captionBefore Monday's proceedings, Karin Giannone looked at the case so far
Image caption Some people outside court wore T-shirts with Defence Council Barry Roux's catchphrase on them
Image caption The prosecution's Gerrie Nel looked like he might also establish his own catchphrase
Image caption The prosecution aggressively cross-examined the pathologist called by Oscar Pistorius' defence team
Image caption Mr Nel repeatedly tried to lure pathologist Professor Jan Botha into contradicting himself
Image caption Reeva Steenkamp's mother remained impassive as Mr Pistorius apologised for her daughter's death
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Media captionOscar Pistorius: "I'm scared to sleep... I have terrible nightmares"
Image caption Pit bull dogs may have an aggressive reputation, but Mr Pistorius stressed his - which he said he got from a neglectful owner - was otherwise, in testimony that aimed to limit the damage of earlier character attacks
Image caption In the wake of Reeva's death, Mr Pistorius said he no longer wanted to handle firearms himself
Image caption As the court is adjourned early, journalists tried to get an idea how the defence team felt - with no luck, as the prosecution has yet to begin its likely very forceful cross-examination
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Media captionDay 16 of Oscar Pistorius' trial in 60 seconds
Image caption The case has become a lightning rod for feelings about gender-related violence in South Africa

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