Sydney police boss Mark Standen jailed for drug plot

A former senior police officer has been jailed for 22 years for his part in an international drug-smuggling ring.

Mark Standen, a former assistant director of New South Wales Crime Commission, was convicted of trying to import 300kg of psuedoephedrine.

The drug is mixed with other substances to make crystal methamphetamine. He conspired with an informant to import the drug from Pakistan.

Judges said he was given the maximum term because he had shown no remorse.

Justice Bruce James said he had used his inside information on law enforcement built up over 30 years to commit his crimes.

"A matter seriously aggravating the prisoner's criminality was his misuse of knowledge and contacts he had acquired in his career as a law enforcement officer, and the abuse of his position with the NSW Crime Commission," said the judge at the New South Wales Supreme Court.

Before his role with the crime commission 54-year-old Standen had worked for the police and customs.

Standen, who has been in jail since 2008, will be eligible for parole after 16 years of his sentence.

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