Jail term for Indonesia militant Pepi Fernando

Indonesian Islamic militant Pepi Fernando, right, leaves the courtroom after his trial at the West Jakarta District Court in Jakarta, Indonesia, Monday, March 5, 2012.
Image caption Pepi Fernando sent a series of parcel bombs to moderate Muslim officials in Indonesia

An Indonesian court has sentenced an Islamist militant to 18 years in jail for a parcel-bombing campaign targeting moderate Muslim leaders and police.

Pepi Fernando was found guilty of violating anti-terrorism laws by the West Jakarta District Court.

Several people were injured in the attacks.

The court heard that the group founded by Fernando was also allegedly plotting the assassination of Indonesia's president.

Only one of the parcel bombs went off, the AFP news agency reported, but that bomb injured three policemen.

The defendant "knowingly used force or threat of violence to invoke an atmosphere of widespread terror or cause mass casualties" the judge was quoted by AFP as saying.

Indonesia has been battling militancy since the 2002 attack that targeted foreigners in Paddy's Bar and the Sari Club in the resort of Kuta on the island of Bali. Those killed were from 21 countries, including 88 Australians, 38 Indonesians and 28 Britons.

Last week Indonesia's highest court upheld a 15-year jail term for radical cleric Abu Bakar Ba'asyir. He was jailed in June for backing an Islamist militant training camp.

And the trial of Umar Patek, who was extradited from Pakistan and who prosecutors accuse of involvement with the Bali bombings, is ongoing.

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