Typhoon Haiyan: Tim Willcox answers your questions

Tim Willcox
Image caption Tim Willcox is reporting from Tacloban in the Philippines

The BBC's Tim Willcox, in the Philippines reporting on the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, answered your questions in a live Twitter Q&A on Friday 15 November.

This is an edited version of the session.

Question from @mayoramos1: Great job, guys! Aside from Tacloban, how are the other ravaged areas in Visayas? Any relief goods distributed?

Tim answers: Correspondents travelling around the Visayas say aid has been patchy or nonexistent apart from say, local organisations.

Question from @Mahtab_Alikhani: What is the best description for people's feeling? Are they hopeful for the future?

Tim answers: People are remarkably resilient - one survivor said we are alive - we will go on.

Question from @KulganofCrydee: Should the BBC and other newscasters add to the problems by the influx of presenters and staff into the disaster area?

Tim answers: We bring in all our own supplies. We're here to tell the story.

Question from @shirbah: Why do initial government responses appear lacking?

Tim answers: They say the typhoon was so great - no country could have done any more.

Question from @OpEd_Letter: Hope the bodies are taken care of to prevent diseases.

Tim answers: The bodies that are accessible are being picked up and taken away. Many more are still covered by the rubble.

Question from @Metamorphisnt: What will be done to protect the infrastructure so the impact is less next time this happens?

Tim answers: That's a question for the future - they're focusing on the present. And they're no stranger to typhoons.

Question from @Tmckinnin: What is it like to report in Cebu and Phlines and Tacloban when the country is in dire states, and how hard is it?

Tim answers: Shocking, depressing, upsetting and also uplifting - when you see how people cope and come together in such tragedy.

Question from @JATF1_Fielding: How much notice do you get and how do prepare to go on location like this?

Tim answers: This time about five hours - we caught the first flight we could from London - and picked up a travel bag on the way to airport.

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