Life along the Afghan ring road

Afghanistan's ring road is a symbol of the country's efforts to build a prosperous, unified country. Completing the highway has been a priority for the international coalition, hoping to connect people and places.

As foreign troops prepare to leave by the end of 2014, reporters from the BBC Afghan Service travelled along the 3,360km (2,100-mile) road to see whether these ambitions have been fulfilled.

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BBC Afghan Service reporters travelling the Afghan ring road were:

Mohammad Qazizadah, Hafiz Maroof, Mamoon Durani, Assadullah Jalalzai, Syed Anwar, Ahmad Ilham, Suhrab Sirat, Amir Baryal and Shafi Bighoghli

Project Editor and Narration: Meena Baktash, Slideshow Production: Johannes Dell

Music donated by the National Institute of Music of Afghanistan

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