Video reports on missing Malaysian flight MH370

  • 10 March 2014
  • From the section Asia

A round-up of key reports and interviews as the hunt for the missing Malaysian plane, flight MH370, with 239 people, continues.

Passenger with a stolen passport 'was looking for freedom'

The BBC's Jonathan Head spoke to a friend of one of the men who boarded the flight using a stolen passport.

Media captionOne of the passengers on flight MH370 is thought to have been looking for a "better life" in Europe

Malaysia: 'Families want answers'

The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines passenger plane has been widened amid growing frustration among relatives of those missing.

Media captionFamilies of the missing passengers and crew 'simply want answers' as Martin Patience reports.

On board a search and rescue helicopter

The BBC joins a team on a search and rescue helicopter as the hunt for its missing airliner continues.

Media captionThe BBC's Alice Budisatrijo says searchers are 'using the naked eye' to try to find the missing plane

How can a plane just vanish?

As the search for the missing plane goes on, the BBC looks at how an aircraft can simply vanish.

Media captionThe BBC's Richard Westcott examines how a plane can vanish without trace

Missing plane pilot 'professional'

The BBC's Jonathan Head speaks to Peter Chong, a friend of Capt Zaharie Ahmad Shah, who described the pilot of the missing jet as "dedicated and professional".

Media captionPeter Chong, a friend of the captain, says he is "dedicated and professional"

Intense media interest in missing plane

The international media and relatives wait for news as the search for the missing plane continues for a third day.

Media captionJohn Sudworth says there is intense media interest at the hotel where relatives are staying

How were stolen passports used?

How were two passengers on missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 able to board using stolen passports?

Media captionTwo passports had been listed by Interpol as stolen but neither were checked by any country

China steps up airport security

Chinese authorities step up security at the country's airports, following the disappearance of the plane.

Media captionChinese airports have stepped up security in the wake of the incident, as John Sudworth reports

'Distressing scene' in Kuala Lumpur

Relatives of passengers on board the Malaysia Airlines plane which vanished on a flight to Beijing wait nervously for news at Kuala Lumpur airport.

Media captionJonathan Head says there are distressing scenes at Kuala Lumpur airport as relatives wait for news