As it happened: Answers demanded

Key points

  • Angry relatives of passengers aboard flight MH370 clash with police outside Malaysia's embassy in the Chinese capital Beijing
  • Australia says the search for the Malaysia Airlines plane has been suspended for 24 hours because of bad weather and rough seas
  • Search efforts are to focus on some 469,407 square nautical miles of the southern Indian Ocean
  • Malaysia says it must be assumed the plane crashed into the southern Indian Ocean with no survivors
  • China has demanded to see the satellite data that led Malaysia to conclude that the plane crashed
  • The Kuala Lumpur-Beijing airliner with 239 people on board disappeared on 8 March. All times GMT

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Last updated 25 March 2014


Welcome to our live page on the search for answers following Malaysia's announcement that the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 ended its journey in the southern Indian Ocean.


Malaysian PM Najib Razak made the announcement on Monday night. He said the conclusion was based on fresh analysis of satellite data tracking the flight.


China has demanded Malaysia show "the detailed evidence" that led Malaysia to this conclusion as well as the relevant satellite data.


China's Deputy Foreign Minister Xie Hangsheng said: "The search and rescue work cannot stop now. We demand the Malaysian side continue to finish all the work including search and rescue."


On Tuesday, Australia's Maritime Safety Authority (Amsa) said it had suspended search operations in the southern Indian Ocean for signs of the plane due to adverse weather conditions. The current weather conditions "pose a risk to crew", Amsa said in a statement, adding that search efforts would restart "once weather conditions improve".


The search area is forecast to experience strong gale force winds of up to 80km/h, heavy rain and low cloud, Amsa adds.


Aaron Halstead, a manager with the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, says the search area is a remote, "wild environment".

"I've sailed through there a number of times - there really is no land between Antarctica and Australia," he told the BBC, adding that weather conditions can change "dramatically".


Relatives of the Chinese passengers on board the plane are walking towards the Malaysian embassy in Beijing to protest. There has been a confrontation between the protesters and police.


Celia Hatton, BBC News, Beijing

Police line now stopping the three city buses carrying the relatives from leaving the street outside the hotel. Lots of pushing between family members and police. Surrounded by journalists. Relatives yelling "go, go, go!" in Chinese.


Family members of passengers onboard Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 attempt to push past policemen during a protest, near Lido Hotel in Beijing, 25 March 2014

There have been emotional scenes near the Lido Hotel in Beijing, as family members of the passengers attempt the push past police lines. Some relatives are very emotional, shouting: "Give our family back!"