As it happened: Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

Key points

  • The search for possible debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight has been suspended due to bad weather, Australian officials say
  • Thailand says its satellite images show 300 floating objects in the southern Indian Ocean, 2,700km from Perth
  • The Kuala Lumpur-Beijing airliner disappeared on 8 March with 239 people on board
  • The plane is presumed to have crashed into the southern Indian Ocean with no survivors
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Last updated 27 March 2014


Welcome to our live page on the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which comes a day after fresh satellite images identified a field of 122 "potential objects" in the southern Indian Ocean.


On Wednesday, Malaysia's acting transport minister said 122 "potential objects" had been seen around 2,557km from Perth on new French satellite images


The first search planes have already departed Perth for more searches. These include a Chinese Ilyushin IL-76 aircraft and two Royal Australian Air Force AP-3C Orions.


Weather conditions in the search area are expected to deteriorate later on Thursday. Australia's Bureau of Meteorology has warned of potential "thunderstorms down there as well as winds picking up" that "could get to gale force conditions".


Jonathan Head, BBC News, Perth

The latest satellite image indicating a possible debris field was taken on Sunday, and shows 122 objects, ranging from one to 20m long. But powerful currents, high waves and the huge distance from land still make pinpointing these objects from aircraft very difficult - and until that happens, the five ships standing by cannot attempt to retrieve them for identification.


This handout photo shows imagery taken on 23 March 2014 by a French satellite showing more than 100 floating objects (within highlighted boxes) in the remote southern Indian Ocean

This handout picture received from the Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency shows the French satellite imagery showing more than 100 floating objects (in the highlighted boxes) in the southern Indian Ocean.


Australian Maritime Safety Authority

tweets: #MH370 search operations are now underway. Today's search area covers a total of 78,000 sq km.


The new satellite images showing potential debris have given the recovery operation renewed vigour, the BBC's Phil Mercer in Perth reports. Crews are trying to make the best of the conditions as they are before the weather turns against them, our correspondent adds.

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Australian Maritime Safety Authority

tweets: Today's search operations have been suspended due to bad weather. All planes are returning to Perth & ships are leaving search area. #MH370


Family members of those on board the plane have been receiving briefings from Malaysian officials in Beijing. These meetings are often intense - at Wednesday's briefing, relatives shouted "you are shameless!" at the delegation. One of the relatives asked: "Does your country always draw conclusions based on speculation?", to applause from other family members.