Malaysian MH370: 100 days since plane vanished

Relatives of passengers on missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 cry as they gather at the Lama Temple in Beijing on June 15 Image copyright AFP
Image caption Relatives said they had turned to the gods because they had nothing else to rely on

Relatives of those missing on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 have marked 100 days since the plane vanished.

Chinese families said they would pray for the return of their loved ones, adding that they just wanted to know the truth of how the jet disappeared.

The authorities promised to carry on searching for the plane.

Crews have been scouring vast areas of ocean since the jet vanished on 8 March en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. So far, no trace has been found.

They believe the jet ended its journey in the Indian Ocean, hundreds of miles north-west of the Australian city of Perth.

A total of 239 passengers were on board, most of them Chinese.

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Image caption Relatives gathered at a Buddhist temple in Beijing
Image copyright Reuters
Image caption In Malaysia, children have been writing messages of hope on a wall

Relatives of the missing gathered in Beijing on Sunday to pray for their loved ones.

Dai Suqin, whose sister was on board the plane, said there was "no where to turn to for help anymore".

"We still have not seen our family members, we are not sure about the information and have no idea what to do," she said.

"So we have to pray to Buddha, pray to the Goddess of Mercy for blessings. We have to place our hopes on this and pray for the heavens to help us."

A Malaysia Airlines official said it had been the "longest and most painful 100 days" in the company's history.

"We miss our colleagues and friends on board MH370 and we continue to hope and seek answers that will bring us closer to finding out what happened to MH370," said company chief Ahmad Jauhari.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was among the other officials expressing sympathy with the families on Sunday.

He tweeted: "On this hundredth day since MH370 went missing, remembering those on board and their families. Malaysia remains committed to the search effort."

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