Delhi hit-and-run victim robbed as he lies dying

CCTV footage shows the man lying fatally injured at the side of the road after being hit by a van Image copyright CCTV
Image caption CCTV footage shows the man lying fatally injured at the side of the road after being hit by a van

A man bleeding to death at the side of a busy road in the Indian capital, Delhi, was ignored for over an hour and later robbed, police said.

The victim was on his way home from a night shift when he was struck by a small van, reports said.

CCTV footage circulating on the internet shows cars driving by without anyone helping, before one man stops and takes the victim's phone.

The incident has sparked a debate about values and compassion in modern India.

The footage has also been aired by Indian TV networks, including the moment of impact when the victim is struck as he walks on the side of the road at about 5:30 in the morning.

It shows the driver of the van getting out to see what happened before driving away.

Later, a man is seen approaching the victim from a rickshaw and stealing his mobile phone before walking off again.

'No compassion'

It took almost 90 minutes before police took the heavily bleeding man to hospital where he was declared dead.

Indian media said the victim, named as Matibool, had been working as a rickshaw driver during the day and as a security guard at night.

Police are trying to identify the hit-and-run driver and the man stealing the phone.

The accident has sparked a debate about what some have called a shocking lack of compassion.

One officer told the Hindustan Times that most people might have ignored the victim thinking he was drunk.

But some social media users have been less forgiving in their comments, one writing, "what a shame to us as a community for such inhuman and awful behaviour".

Commenting on the pictures, news channel NDTV said the incident "crosses all lines of basic decency".

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