China morning round-up: Promises on economic growth

Chinese shoppers walk past billboards promoting a new store and images of farmers in the Wangfujing shopping street of Beijing, 14 December 2011
Image caption China has been worrying of an economic downturn

Newspapers across China are running all-out coverage of the annual Central Economic Work Conference, which has just ended.

A statement released by the government described the current global economy as "extremely grim and complicated" as the eurozone sovereign debt crisis has worsened and economic recovery in the US remains weak, says the China Daily.

"Stability means to maintain basically steady macroeconomic policies, relatively fast economic growth, stable consumer prices and social stability," the statement said.

Guangzhou's Southern Mepropolis Daily says the statement committed financial support for ongoing railway construction projects, which have faced major funding shortage recently.

In an editorial, Beijing News focuses on the promise to expand internal demand and increase the size of the "middle income" community. The paper suggests major tax cuts and affordable housing as some of the solutions to the ongoing income-distribution problem.

The Global Times continues coverage on the diplomatic row between China and South Korea over the stabbing incident with a report on the latest protest outside the Chinese Embassy in Seoul.

The report describes demonstrators chanting "extreme" slogans, such as demanded that the embassy be turned into "scorched earth".

A Chinese scholar living in South Korea quoted by the paper suggests that South Koreans are so angry because they have grievances over the rise of China and the feeling of being looked down. Its editorial appeals to both sides to refrain from "grudging".

And as the stand-off between villagers and police continues in the Guangdong village of Wukan, China Daily cites a hospital source as reiterating the official story that Xue Jinbo - the villager who died in police detention - died from cardiac problems.

Southern Metropolis Daily reports on the official briefing by Shanwei Municipal Government - which oversees Wukan - in which it claims they are still consulting Xue's family for consent on autopsy.

News on the arrest of a suspect after 13 years on the run has also caught the attention of various newspapers including China Daily and Shanghai Morning Post.

Zhang Guofeng, an actor who had a few supporting roles in a TV spy drama, was arrested recently for assaulting a police officer in 1998. Back then he was known as Ji Siguang.

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