China morning round-up: Wen Jiabao in Germany

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao (L) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel pose before opening the Hannover Messe (Hanover Fair), in Hanover, 22 April 2012
Image caption Mr Wen has been meeting his counterpart Angela Merkel in Hanover

Monday's newspapers report Premier Wen Jiabao's European tour as he begins the last leg in Germany.

People's Daily leads its front page coverage with a report on Mr Wen's visit to the Hannover Messe technology fair in Hanover, where he delivered a speech.

China Daily says the six-day trip "will enhance the strategic partnership with Europe's largest economy and reaffirm China's contribution to measures tackling the EU debt crisis".

It also described this year's Hannover Messe as "a great opportunity" for China to show it was a "powerhouse of innovation".

Hong Kong's Ming Pao Daily News , citing comments from the official Xinhua News Agency, said it was China's intention to get rid of its image as the world's low-end processing factory.

China Daily's editorial hailed this year as a "milestone in the history of Sino-European interaction".

"Since the eurozone sovereign debt crisis broke out, China has stood firm in supporting the EU in dealing with the debt issue," the editorial said.

"Chinese leaders have made it clear that the country is willing to play a bigger part in this regard. Such positive signals have helped shore up confidence at a time when the European debt crisis shows no sign of abating. "

The Global Times and People's Daily also have extensive coverage of joint naval drills between China and Russia, which started on Sunday.

People's Daily emphasised this was "the first joint naval drill between the two countries, while it is also a routine military exercise".

China Daily hailed the drill as highlighting "the warming ties between the militaries and growing co-operation under the China-Russia strategic partnership".

Hong Kong's Sing Tao Daily said it was Beijing and Moscow's intention to launch a protest against Japan and the US over their previous drills in the same region.

However, the Global Times' bilingual editorial issued a rebuke over speculation over the drill.

"The activity has drawn much speculation from neighbouring nations, primarily focusing on what the target of this joint drill really is," said the editorial.

"It is an interesting but ultimately pointless question. Perhaps after a few more such drills, people will stop asking it altogether."

Amid the military movements near the East China Sea, China Daily says the military stand-off between China and the Philippines over a disputed South China Sea shoal has moved from the water to cyberspace.

"Chinese and Filipino hackers 'exchanged fire' in cyberspace over the weekend," the newspaper claimed.

Citing Filipino news reports, it said: "Filipino 'hacktivists' struck back on Saturday at Chinese website after hackers - 'apparently from China' - defaced the official website of the University of the Philippines on Friday."

The Global Times said Vietnam's Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung was also "seeking Japanese involvement in its row with China".

Newspapers ranging from Shanghai Daily to the Beijing Times also track the latest progress in the national crackdown against toxic gelatine drug capsules.

Some 77m problematic capsules have been confiscated across China, with nine people officially arrested and another 45 people under criminal detention.

The editorial in Guangzhou's Southern Metropolis Daily urges accountability from government officials alongside the ongoing crackdown, while a regular column in Shanghai's China Business News appeals to the government to be more responsive to public opinion.

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