China morning round-up: Space docking celebrated

Chinese astronauts wave to camera on board of the Tiangong-1 space lab, 18 June 2012
Image caption Official media in China heavily praised the country's latest space achievement

Newspapers across mainland China run extensive coverage of the docking of the manned spacecraft Shenzhou-9 with the Tiangong-1 space lab .

China Daily and Shanghai Daily say the docking signals a milestone in China's space mission.

The People's Daily Overseas Edition describes the two male astronauts, Jing Haipeng and Liu Wang, as "men with supernatural abilities" and female astronaut Liu Yang as "the goddess" who arrived at Tiangong-1.

Guangzhou's Southern Metropolis Daily describes how they "swam" into the Tiangong-1 space lab, as well as the work that the three astronauts completed, such as adjusting the air conditioning inside the capsule.

The Global Times' report looking at world reaction insists that comments "will not be simple", saying that South Korean media described China's telecast on the space mission as "showing threats but not confidence".

Meanwhile Hong Kong's Ming Pao Daily News reports on adverse public reaction to the space mission.

Citing a report from Taiwan's Central News Agency, the paper says many users on Sina Weibo - one of China's Twitter equivalents - left critical comments about social inequality, saying that achieving social gains was "harder than getting into space".

Writing under a tag called "a letter to Shenzhou-9", some netizens compared the fate of female astronaut Liu Yang with 22-year-old Feng Jianmei - a victim of forced abortion in northern Shaanxi province - saying that this is the better portrayal of China's social reality.

Besides the space mission, the domestic version of the front page of People's Daily , as well as China Daily , also pays significant attention to the G20 summit in the Mexican resort of Los Cabos.

President Hu Jintao called for a united front to ensure economic growth, say the reports. Shanghai's China Business News says leaders from European countries are expected to feel the pressure to solve their economic crisis.

In the central municipality of Chongqing, the local Chongqing Economic Times leads entirely on the city's Communist Party conference, as the city's new party secretary Vice-Premier Zhang Dejiang gave a speech .

China Daily and Hong Kong's Sing Tao Daily highlight the section in which Mr Zhang criticised his disgraced predecessor, Bo Xilai, for damaging the image of the Communist Party and the country.

Beijing News and Shanghai Morning Post also report comments from Beijing's foreign ministry that praised the Philippines for pulling out its ships from the disputed Scarborough Shoal area in the South China Sea.

Beijing, however, insists that China did not promise to pull out its ships from the area simultaneously.

Also on Tuesday, papers such as the Shanghai Daily and Hong Kong's AM730 newspaper report that a TV station in central Xian city has apologised after running a false report that a local farmer had discovered a giant piece of precious lingzi mushroom.

The fleshy object, found in a well by the farmer, was identified as a sex toy made of silicon by many viewers, the reports say.

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