As it happened: China's new leaders

Key points

  • China's Communist Party has unveiled a new generation of leaders, who will rule for the next decade, ending a week-long congress.
  • New party leader Xi Jinping appeared on stage in Beijing's Great Hall of the People just before 04:00 GMT with the six other members of the Party's Standing Committee.
  • Most of the new committee are seen as politically conservative, and perceived reformers did not get promotion. All times GMT.

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  • Samanthi Dissanayake 
  • Joe Boyle 

Last updated 15 November 2012


Good morning from London and welcome to the BBC's live coverage of events in China where the Communist Party is set to unveil its new leaders. Stay with us for the latest updates - reports from our correspondents on the ground, expert analysis, and your reaction from around the world. You can contact us via email, text or twitter. We'll publish what we can.


There have been seven days of proceedings - about which we know little - at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing as the ruling Communist Party held a congress which sets the stage for a new generation of leaders for the world's most populous nation.


Hu Jintao's political report to delegates as the congress opened on 8 November sprung few surprises. To find out just how few you can look at our word cloud, which compares key words used the opening speeches in 2012 and in 2002, when former leader Jiang Zemin delivered his speech.

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CatherineMercier (cathmerc) on Twitter, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Beijing correspondent, tweets "The Delegates came and left and nobody knows what this Congress really meant."


Martin Patience, BBC News, Beijing

The new leaders will face growing public anger over official corruption, a widening gap between rich and poor, and calls for political reforms.


A key scripted task of the congress, which wrapped up on Wednesday, was for its 2,200 delegates to select a new central committee. There were 108 candidates for every 100 seats - so a very slim element of uncertainty. A new 205-member committee was announced and a 171-strong list of alternate members was also selected.


In just a few hours this committee will elect about 25 members to the Politburo and its Standing Committee. This is the very apex of power in China. Currently it has nine members but analysts believe it will shrink to seven.


Zhou Xuhui, a Weibo user from Shanghai working in the financial industry, tweets: "The US market tumbled, and here comes the politburo standing committee list, these are all the factors that makes today's stock market doomed for instability."

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Angus Walker, China Correspondent for ITV news, tweets: "The day has dawned, China's new leaders will walk on stage at approx 1100, no great surprises expected, but is it a new dawn for China?"