India's Delhi police photographers 'poorly trained'

File picture - Delhi police Delhi has one of the best-equipped police forces in India

A court in the Indian capital, Delhi, has criticised the city police's photographers, saying they do "not know what to click and from which angle".

Judge Surinder S Rathi made the remarks while acquitting six people charged with murder for lack of evidence.

He said police photographers had not taken a single picture of the actual murder site or of the victim showing details of injuries.

The capital has one of the best-equipped police forces in India.

Judge Rathi said none of the five photographs supplied by the police for the trial were helpful.

"As far as the photographing the spot of assault is concerned, I see that Delhi Police photographers are so poorly trained that they absolutely do not know as to what to click and from which angle," he was quoted as saying by the Press Trust Of India news agency.

Judge Rathi also wanted to know why the police photographer did not visit the hospital or the mortuary to take photographs of the victim so that the court could have a clear view of the nature of the injuries.

"Unless immediate steps are taken in this regard, poor, unprofessional quality of work of the crime team can lead to serious miscarriage of justice in many heinous cases," he said.

The court asked the city police chief to "formulate a specific training course for photographers and other crime team members in consonance with the best practices adopted by pivotal investigating agencies the world over".

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