Court upholds Bihar MP life sentence for instigating murder

Former Indian MP Anand Mohan steps out of a prison van at the court premises in Patna on 3 October
Image caption Mohan will now serve out a life term for his role in the murder of a civil servant

India's top court has rejected appeals against the conviction of former Bihar MP Anand Mohan for his role in a 1994 murder, upholding his life sentence.

Mohan and his wife were convicted for instigating the murder of a civil servant who was lynched by a crowd.

Mohan was initially sentenced to death, but this was later commuted to life imprisonment. His wife was given a life term but later acquitted.

The Supreme Court order was delivered on Tuesday morning.

The brutal killing of a district magistrate named G Krishnaiyah by an angry crowd incited to shoot, stone and beat him to death was taken as a symbol of the extent of lawlessness in the state of Bihar.

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