India Nagaland home minister resigns after arrest

Imkong L Imchen
Image caption Imkong L Imchen has quit as Nagaland's home minister

A minister in India's Nagaland state, arrested on Monday for allegedly carrying "a large amount of cash", alcohol, arms and ammunition in his vehicle, has resigned.

Imkong L Imchen was the north-eastern state's home minister.

He is yet to make any comments, but police say he has told them the cash was part of the election campaign fund.

Mr Imchen, however, said he had no idea how the guns and ammunition found their way into his vehicle, police said.

Polls for the Nagaland assembly are due on 23 February and strict checking is being carried out to prevent any irregularities by candidates.

Correspondents say in the past, political parties and candidates have often offered cash or alcohol as incentives to voters during an election.

The Election Commission has issued strict guidelines to political parties and candidates asking them not to carry huge amounts of cash and to do all their transactions through banks.

The commission has also appointed a team of officers to keep a check on illegal money and other inducements being offered to voters.

Mr Imchen - a candidate of Nagaland People's Front (NPF) party - was initially detained on Monday morning while he was travelling to his constituency, Koridanga, from the state capital, Kohima.

He was later officially arrested, police said.

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