Indian media: Modi's 'monthly report card'

Mr Modi has promised to improve governance in the country Image copyright AFP
Image caption Mr Modi has promised to improve governance in the country

Media in India are highlighting Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "video initiative" to present his government's "monthly report card".

Mr Modi took oath on 26 May after his Bharatiya Janata Party won the general election.

The five-and-a-half minute video clip, released by the information and broadcasting ministry with the title "Skill, Scale and Speed - Mantra of new Governance", is "understood to be a first of its kind initiative", The Financial Express reports.

The clip, which has been released on YouTube, talks about the Modi government's "farsighted initiatives in foreign policy, efforts to improve government functioning and achievements in the economic front and tourism," the report adds.

The Asian Age adds that the video highlights the presence of South Asian leaders at the PM's oath-taking ceremony as "a diplomatic masterstroke".

According to the DNA website, the video enlists all the measures taken by Mr Modi "under his less government, more governance" policy.

Mr Modi also wrote an open letter to the citizens, promising that his government was "committed to taking India to greater heights in the years to come".

"Idea box"

Meanwhile, the Indian navy is "set to pack a more lethal punch in its armoury" by inducting two more warships into its fleet, The Deccan Herald reports.

The first ship, which is a destroyer named INS Kolkata, is likely to be inducted in Mumbai in late August or September.

The second - a class frigate meant for anti-submarine warfare - is likely to be inducted soon after, the report adds.

"With the inclusion of the two ships in the service, the Navy's surface warfare capability would get a quantum jump," the report quotes Navy chief RK Dhowan as saying.

And finally, the government has decided to introduce "idea boxes" in its offices to improve governance, The Times of India reports.

The employees will be encouraged to submit "out-of-the-box suggestions" through the idea box, it adds.

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