Word cloud: Modi stresses on governance, growth, toilets

Narendra Modi gave his first Independence speech as PM on Thursday Image copyright AP
Image caption Narendra Modi gave his first Independence Day speech as PM on Thursday

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Independence Day speech on Friday stressed growth, economic revival, women's security and manufacturing.

Mr Modi, who was giving his first Independence Day speech as prime minister, stressed India more than any other word in his extempore address.

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A word cloud analysis of Mr Modi's speech shows that he was keen to stamp his ideas on governance and the country's future.

He mentioned "village" a few times and emphasised the development of rural India.

The PM also stressed the importance of toilets in every home and also talked about the "shameful cases of rapes" in India.

The word cloud reflects that Mr Modi covered important areas like security, women's safety, growth, economy, foreign relations and communal harmony.

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