Word cloud: Modi, Obama on bilateral ties, Gandhi and Franklin

Mr Obama and Mr Modi pledged to improve bilateral ties between the US and India Image copyright EPA
Image caption Mr Obama and Mr Modi believe India and the US have many "similarities"

Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama stressed the importance of strengthening ties between the two nations in their joint radio broadcast.

The leaders took questions from listeners of the All India Radio in their recorded programme. It was aired after Mr Obama concluded his three-day visit and left Delhi on Tuesday.

Mr Modi sounded friendly and referred to Mr Obama as "Barack" on many occasions.

The US president seemed keen on highlighting the similarities between the US and India and backed "stronger ties" between the peoples of the two countries.

Mr Modi's words

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Mr Modi welcomed the US leader to his regular radio show Man ki Baat (from the heart) and talked about his own modest start as a tea seller and also highlighted Mr Obama's humble beginnings.

He said Mr Obama and his careers show that both the US and India are the lands of "opportunities" and people can chase their "dreams" to be "successful".

The PM said he was inspired when he visited the White House as an ordinary citizen decades ago, but never imagined that he would visit the historical building as India's prime minister,

He mentioned the need for improving health services in India. The prime minister also talked about saving the girl child and invited Mr Obama's "daughters" to visit India.

Mr Modi told Mr Obama that he still draws inspiration from US founding father Benjamin Franklin's life.

He concluded with inviting people to use the hashtag "#yeswecan" to discuss issues like eliminating poverty, healthcare, and putting an "end to terrorism".

Mr Obama's words

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Mr Obama agreed with Mr Modi and said he too had never imagined of becoming the president of the United States.

He said both the US and India have many "similarities" and the two "countries" can make the world more peaceful and prosperous.

He accepted Mr Modi's invitation to his daughters and said he would tell them how India is "as magnificent as they imagined".

He talked about "issues" like education, governance, opportunities for the youth and also how he planned to do some "shopping for his "daughters".

The US president talked about how he takes lessons from Indian freedom leader Mahatma Gandhi's life.

Mr Obama, however, refrained from using the Indian PM's first name while addressing him.

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