East Timor profile - media

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Image caption Few East Timorese regularly read newspapers

Radio is the most popular medium. State-run Radio Television Timor-Leste launched in 2002. Public radio is said to reach some 90% of the population; public TV has a smaller coverage.

Community radios are on air, often with funding from international agencies and NGOs.

East Timor has a handful of daily and weekly press titles. Economic and physical factors, as well as high rates of illiteracy, limit readership.

Reporters can usually cover the news freely, although a "culture of deference pervades journalism", says US-based Freedom House.

BBC World Service broadcasts in Dili on 95.3 FM. There are FM relays of Portuguese and Australian radio.

There were around 11,500 internet users by 2014 ( The UN telecom body lists East Timor as being among the world's 10 least-connected nations. The government does not restrict access to online content.

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