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Image caption Radio stations are plentiful, but the internet has become the second largest platform after TV

Television is Indonesia's dominant medium. Major national commercial networks compete with public Televisi Republik Indonesia (TVRI). Some provinces operate their own stations.

The radio dial is crowded, with scores of stations on the air in Jakarta alone. Private stations carry their own news, but cannot relay live news from international broadcasters.

Reporters Without Borders praises Indonesia's media pluralism but says the government has failed to guarantee complete freedom for the media. It says reporting on environmental matters can be especially dangerous.

There are 71 million internet users (InternetWorldStats, 2014). Facebook is a hugely popular web destination. A survey has described Indonesians as the world's most active users of Twitter. A range of opinion formers are active on social media.

Surfers are leapfrogging usual forms of access - including PCs - in favour of mobile devices.

There has been a fierce debate over government proposals to filter sites deemed to carry pornographic or blasphemous content.

The press

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Image caption Press freedom is hampered by legal and regulatory restrictions
  • Media Indonesia - daily
  • Tempo - weekly, English-language pages



News agency

  • Antara - government-owned news agency, English-language pages