Rugby World Cup victory parade: Your pictures and views

Tens of thousands of New Zealanders turned out for a parade to mark the All Blacks' victory on home soil in the rugby World Cup.

Crowds up to 20 people deep lined the route in Auckland to cheer the team as they passed by in open-top vehicles.

BBC News website readers in Auckland have been sharing their experience of the celebration.

David Slacke, Auckland

Image caption Crowds gathered outside the All Blacks' hotel, as team captain Richie McCaw leaves with the trophy

I am an Irish All Blacks fan. I have been living in New Zealand for eight years.

I went to eight of the games including both semi-finals.

We were passing the teams hotel when they were coming out.

Then we made our way to Queen Street and watched the parade go by, the atmosphere was fantastic. There were thousands of people.

We have been partying since the All Blacks won.

I snapped this picture of Richie McCaw leaving team hotel with the Webb Elliis trophy before the parade.

Amy Liu, Auckland

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Media captionCrowds cheered and sang songs as the All Blacks paraded through the streets of Auckland

We went down to join in with the celebrations.

I am not a rugby fan but I have been to watch a of the few games.

Today at the parade, the mood was great.

Everyone was really happy.

We were singing the national anthem and all sorts of other songs.

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Image caption Thousands of New Zealanders turned to the All Blacks' victory parade

I was there with two intrepid colleagues. Huge crowds lined all of the major streets of the procession - helped by some kind weather. It was a fantastic occasion which I am sure the wonderful people of New Zealand enjoyed after all the trials and tribulations which have beset them over the past year. Lyndon Nigel George Bigmore, Wales currently in Auckland

I was very excited and pleased to witness the large parade up Queen Street in Auckland. It was a great triumph for the All Blacks and a major boost for the whole of the country. Sam Rollins, Auckland

This was an economical, but emotive parade watched by me with my Kiwi family who are so proud of their small young country. New Zealand wants to show the world that their individual style, ecological standards and ethnic diversity and tolerance can work in a modern world. John Roberts, from London currently in Auckland

The extent to which this event has united this country cannot be understated. We are not a nation of people who have ever expressed any sense of nationalistic pride, but these feelings have been completely wiped away through the hosting of this wonderful event. People never used to say they were proud to be a New Zealander, as it just seemed an empty and token gesture. Now there is real meaning to it. I am certain that this event has pushed the positive feeling and spirit of the New Zealand national identity infinitely forward. Mat Martin, Auckland

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