Dazed seagull 'avenges' Australia cricket injury

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Media captionThe Melbourne crowd cheered as a seagull hit by a cricket ball revived and returned to the pitch

There was a flutter of excitement about the Big Bash Twenty20 cricket match in Melbourne on Wednesday night - and not just because of the play.

A seagull knocked out by a ball made a miraculous recovery, attracting a roar of approval from spectators at the Melbourne ground.

The plucky bird then appeared to have its revenge by interfering with play as it returned to the field.

Video footage of the incident now has its own #seagull hashtag.

The footage shows the bird, which was sitting in the outfield at mid-wicket, being hit by the ball from Perth Scorchers batsman Adam Voges.

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Image caption The stubborn bird appeared intent on returning to its fielding position

Melbourne Stars fielder Rob Quiney made a shooting gesture to signal that it was game over for the bird, as it lay prone on the ground. He carried the gull carefully off the field.

But only minutes later, the bird strutted to the boundary line, having apparently recovered.

"The bird, he's back!" laughed one of the TV commentators. "He wants in on the action."

Not content with recovering its composure, the gull flew at its erstwhile saviour, swooping at Quiney's feet as he attempted to field another ball.

"He's gone the ankle tap," cried the commentator, describing what must be an all-time great sporting recovery.

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