Spanish anti-austerity protesters start march on Madrid

People protesting against government spending cuts in Barcolona, 19 June
Image caption Spain has seen a number of large protests against the government's austerity measures

Hundreds of acrivists from cities across Spain have begun marches towards Madrid as part of a demonstration against the state of the economy.

The protesters, who started off in cities including Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia and Cadiz, plan to converge in the capital next month.

Similar marches are due to start from other cities in coming days.

Spain has witnessed months of protests against austerity measures and a lack of jobs.

Two years of recession have left the country with an unemployment rate of 21%, rising to 35% among those under the age of 30.

Since last year Madrid has been carrying out austerity measures to reduce the country's public deficit.

Unlike other highly indebted eurozone nations, such as Greece and Portugal, it has not needed an outside bail-out.