Bull to lure fugitive German cow 'Yvonne'

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Animal rights activists in Germany have brought in a bull to try to recapture a runaway cow facing a hunter's bullet.

Yvonne has been roaming free in the Bavarian forest since escaping from a farm near the town of Muhldorf in May.

However, after she bolted in front of a police car, officials say she poses a danger to traffic and hunters have permission to shoot her.

Yvonne's supporters hope the appeal of Ernst the breeding bull will let them get hold of her before the hunters do.

"We'll keep trying until we're successful," a spokeswoman from the theGut Aiderbichl Animal Sanctuarysaid.

The activists have been using an infrared camera to find the six-year-old dairy cow, who has been lying low during the day and grazing at night, like a deer.

Previous attempts at luring Yvonne back to captivity include bringing in Waltraud - a cow with whom she was "best friends" - as well as her own calf.

But she has only watched from a distance before running away again. Now they hope some sex appeal from Ernst may give the story a happy ending.

The cow's plight has become a popular topic in German newspapers and TV.

She has been dubbed "the cow that wants to be a deer" and "the heroine of the summer".

German newspaper Bild is offering a reward of 10,000 euros (£8,700) to anyone who can save Yvonne.

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