Russians split over Putin for president

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has agreed to run for a third term as president in elections next year.

Mr Putin and Dmitry Medvedev - the man who replaced him in 2008 after his first two terms in the Kremlin - say they want to swap roles. Here, people in Moscow react to the news that the political double act running the country looks set to continue.


This is probably the best thing that can happen.

The changes for the better are evident - life has improved while Putin was president.

I will definitely vote for him. There is no-one better than him.

He's been in power for so many years and knows the system very well.


My attitude towards Putin and his desire to run for president again is very negative.

I think Putin is the grave-digger of Russia, he should be in prison rather than in the presidential chair.

I am sure a lot of people share this opinion.

He destroyed Russian economy and the only profitable business now is selling oil and gas abroad.


If Putin wants it, he will become president.

He bypassed the legislation by making Medvedev president. That was done only to be able to return to the presidency later.

But it is Putin who really rules the country.

We need to change presidents more often, he's been doing this job for too long.

Nothing good will come out of it. The country is not moving forward.


I think a person who has done all he could, should have a bit of rest.

He should give way to a young and strong person.

Putin was a good president and did a lot of good to our country - but I think he needs to step down in favour of someone new.


I don't like the idea.

I think we need a change in the government because we need reforms in different spheres - in medicine, education.

I don't like Putin.

He had enough time to carry out reforms, but he didn't do anything in this direction.

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