Deadly bomb blast near Antalya, Turkey

Map of Antalya

An explosion outside a Turkish military police headquarters near the Mediterranean resort of Antalya has left one person dead, officials say.

Two others were wounded in the attack in Goynuk, on the city's outskirts, Deputy Governor Recep Yuksel said.

Local media suggest a suicide bomber triggered the blast as he approached a checkpoint outside the building.

Kurdish, leftist and Islamic militants have carried out bomb attacks in Turkey in the past.

Last week a suspected car bomb killed at least three people in Ankara.

Mr Yuksol told the state-run Anatolia news agency that the cause of the latest blast remained unclear, as was the identity of the dead person.

Militant threat

The explosion happened far from any tourist area, he said. Reports suggested it damaged several cars and smashed windows of nearby buildings.

"Two people who were nearby were lightly wounded," added Mr Yuksol. An investigation is under way.

There have been several bomb attacks in Turkey's main cities in recent years, many blamed on the Kurdish insurgent movement, the PKK.

Turkey has responded with a police crackdown on suspected rebel sympathisers and air strikes on Kurdish sites in northern Iraq.

The Kurdistan Freedom Hawks, a militant group connected to the PKK, claimed responsibility for last week's Ankara car bombing and threatened further attacks.

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