Cruise ship rescue: In video

The Costa Concordia cruise ship, with more than 4,200 people on board, capsized after hitting rocks off the Tuscan island of Giglio, Italy. At least six people died and more were missing as rescuers searched the stricken vessel for survivors.

Cave divers hunt for missing passengers

Cave divers have been helping search the cruise ship for people still missing

Coastguard: 'We still have hope'

Commander Nicastro, Italian coastguard: "We have a lot of hope still"

Man's search for missing brother

Kevin Rebello is searching for his missing brother, Russel

Ship's previous close pass of Giglio

Newsnight examines the route taken by the Costa Concordia last August and on Friday

Coastguard tells captain to get back on board ship

A recording has been released in which the coastguard is heard ordering the captain to 'get back on board'

Explosives used in search for missing

Emergency crews are working round the clock

Night vision film of ship rescue

The BBC's Peter Biles: "Footage shows the passengers dwarfed by the vastness of the ship"

Divers describe scene in cruise ship

The BBC's Matthew Price says it is the divers who have the most dangerous task

How cruise ship deviated from route

Richard Meade from Lloyd's List looks at how the ship deviated from its route

Cruise survivors recall fearful night

Cruise survivor Derek Ebbage: "It was everyone for themselves"

Have cruise ships become too big?

Richard Westcott investigates whether the design of cruise ships is flawed

Aerial video shows gash in hull

BBC's Adam Parsons: "You can see a huge gash, perhaps fifty metres long"

Lifeboat panic caught on film

The video filmed by passengers captures the panic on the listing ship

Passengers swam ashore as ship listed

Passenger: "The lifeboats weren't working"

Ship owners 'can't deny human error'

Costa Cruises CEO Pier Luigi Foschi: "He [the captain] decided to change the course of the ship"

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