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President: The presidency rotates every eight months between a Serb, a Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) and a Croat.

The responsibilities of the presidency lie largely in international affairs.

In addition, the Muslim-Croat entity and the Bosnian Serb Republic each have their own presidents.

Prime minister: Vjekoslav Bevanda

Bosnian premier Vjekoslav Bevanda Vjekoslav Bevanda was elected to the post of prime minister after a long delay

Economist Vjekoslav Bevanda's election by parliament on 12 January ended 15 months of failure to agree on a candidate to occupy the post.

His election came thanks to an agreement the previous December between representatives of Bosnia's three main ethnic communities on the allocation of key posts in the parliament.

Under the deal, it was agreed that the prime minister will be a Bosnian Croat and the foreign minister a Bosnian Muslim.

The deadlock, which began after elections in October 2011, had left the already struggling country without a budget.

Mr Bevanda, a member of the Croat HDZ party, told MPs his priority would be revive Bosnia's flagging economy and resume efforts to obtain EU membership.

Born in 1956 in Mostar, Mr Bevanda served as finance minister of the Muslim-Croat Federation from 2007-11. Before becoming a politician, he worked as an economist for several local banks and companies.

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