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Czech and Slovak prime ministers being filmed Image copyright AFP
Image caption Czech Prime Minister Petr Necas and Slovak counterpart Robert Fico in televised meeting

Private radio and TV stations provide stiff competition for their public rivals.

Public broadcaster Ceska Televize (CT) operates two TV networks and a 24-hour news channel. Public radio, Cesky Rozhlas (CRo), operates three national networks and local services.

Leading private TV channels Nova and Prima are foreign-owned and broadcast nationally. There are scores of privately-owned radio stations, including market leaders Impuls and Frekvence 1. BBC World Service is available on FM in many cities and towns.

The global recession in 2008 began a process of the media returning to Czech ownership. In early 2014, noted that eight out of the ten most influential figures in the media were Czech or Slovak.

Most papers' paid-for circulations have practically halved over the last decade or so. Most titles have become 'prestige' projects for their owners, who have their own commercial and/or political agendas.

In its most recent Freedom of the Press report, watchdog Freedom House gave the country a better ranking than France and the UK. Some Czech commentators questioned this positive scoring in view of media ownership becoming more concentrated and media barons getting involved in politics.

Around 8.3 million Czechs were online by 2014 ( Around 30% of Czechs were using social media by 2013, with Facebook being the leading platform. is a domestic social media site. is a popular entertainment source for younger Czechs. In June 2013 a study showed that those in the 15 - 34 age range watched it more than any domestic TV channel apart from Nova.

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