Switzerland profile

Broadcasting is dominated by the public Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG/SSR) which operates seven TV networks and 18 radio stations. Most of its funding comes from licence fee revenues; a smaller proportion comes from TV advertising.

Private radio and TV stations operate at a regional level.

Television stations from France, Germany and Italy are widely available, thanks in part to the very high take-up of multi-channel cable and satellite TV.

Some German commercial broadcasters provide tailored versions of their channels for the Swiss market.

Switzerland's press has full editorial freedom and mainly operates along regional lines which reflect linguistic divisions.

By the end of 2011 there were 6.4 million internet users (Internetworldstats).

The press


  • SF-DRS - German-language public broadcaster, operates three channels
  • RTSI - Italian-language public broadcaster, operates two channels
  • TSR - French-language public broadcaster, operates two channels


  • SR-DRS - German-language public broadcaster, operates five stations
  • RSR - French-language public broadcaster, operates four stations
  • RSI - Italian-language public broadcaster, operates three stations
  • RR - Rumansch-language public radio station

News agency/internet

  • swissinfo - news portal operated by public broadcaster, pages in English
  • SDA - Swiss News Agency (SDA/ATS)