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  • 23 May 2012
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Abkhaz farmer
Major Russian TV channels are relayed into Abkhazia

Russian TV and Abkhazian state TV are the main sources of news. Major Russian TVs are relayed in the territory. AGTRK is the state-owned radio and TV broadcaster.

There is little or no access to Georgian TV, other than by satellite.

The only private TV, Abaza TV, is licensed to cover the entire region.

The Abkhaz government publishes newspapers in Abkhaz and Russian. Several private and pro-opposition papers publish alongside official titles.

Radio listeners can choose between Abkhazian, Russian, Georgian and Turkish stations.

The activities of the president and other leaders dominate the news on state media. Fear of retribution can mean that journalists self-censor. There is no significant questioning of Abkhazia's ties with Russia. Views toward Georgia are generally negative.

Internet access is growing, with local providers using connections via Russia and Russian ISPs. Local observers estimate upwards of 25% of the population use the internet. Most Abkhaz bloggers use Russian platform LiveJournal.

The press

  • Respublika Abkhazia - official Russian-language paper, thrice weekly
  • Apsny - official Abkhaz-language weekly
  • Ekho Abkhazii - private Russian-language weekly
  • Nuzhnaya Gazeta - private Russian-language weekly
  • Chegemskaya Pravda - private Russian-language weekly
  • Novyy Den - privatel weekly


  • Apsua TV - Abkhaz government-run
  • Abaza TV - private


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