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Men play chess and watch TV, Pristina, 2010 Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Television is the main source of news

Television is the most popular medium. Most households have cable, meaning that domestic stations face strong competition from popular channels based in Albania.

Public broadcaster RTK was set up as an editorially independent service. There are scores of private radio stations. The Koha concern is the most powerful media group.

The newspaper market is limited; the biggest and most trusted newspaper is the Koha Ditore daily. Some dailies publish editions for Kosovo Albanians in Western Europe.

Advertising revenues, on which most media rely, are seldom sufficient to generate a profit. There is little foreign or domestic investment in the media sector.

The constitution protects free expression, but the media are affected by political interference, corruption, and financial pressure, says US-based Freedom House.

Around 77 per cent of Kosovo residents had access to the internet by 2013 (InternetWorldStats website). Facebook is the most-used social network.

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