Thousands in cash from robbery disappears from Irish police station

Image caption The cash went missing from an evidence bag at Balbriggan garda station in County Dublin

Cash recovered from a shop robbery in the Republic of Ireland has gone missing from a police station, where it was being held as evidence.

The missing 9,000 euros (£7,670) was part of the proceeds of a robbery in Lusk, north County Dublin, in January.

Police recovered a total of 26,000 euros (£22,000) from the raid and took it to Balbriggan garda station.

They discovered almost a third of it was missing when the shop owner came to collect the cash.

Evidence bag

Police would not comment on the matter, except to say that the Garda Commissioner has appointed a detective superintendent from another Dublin garda station to investigate the matter.

The Irish state broadcaster, RTE, reported that the money had originally been counted and photographed before being placed in an evidence bag at Balbriggan station.

It added that when police discovered that a sum of 9,000 euros was missing, they also found a tear in the bag.

The evidence bag has been forensically examined and checked for fingerprints.