Boyfriend withdraws abortion case in Dublin

Image caption The judge has allowed time for the woman to take legal advice.

The High Court in Dublin has been told a case involving a man who tried to stop his girlfriend travelling to the UK for an abortion has been withdrawn.

The man had gone to court earlier this week claiming his girlfriend's family was forcing her to have an abortion.

He wanted the court to order a psychiatric assessment to establish if she was acting of her own free will.

It is understood she now plans to continue with her pregnancy and the man is happy to withdraw the case.

Ms Justice Mary Laffoy was told on Friday morning that a sworn statement had been made by the woman and "matters would continue as at present in relation to the pregnancy".

The couple sat together for the hearing and embraced outside court after the hearing.

The case had been adjourned to allow the woman time to get independent legal advice.

Her boyfriend had told the court her family disapproved of their relationship because of their different nationalities.

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