Belgian plane crash 'kills 10' near Namur

The light aircraft came down minutes after take-off, near a residential area

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At least 10 people have been killed after a small tourist plane crashed near the city of Namur in south-east Belgium.

It was carrying a group of skydivers and crashed shortly after take-off, killing all those on board, the local mayor has told the AFP news agency.

The plane is thought to have taken off from the Temploux aerodrome and crashed around 10 minutes later in a field.


Its wing appeared to have suffered some damage, Belgian media report.

The small plane came down near the village of Marchovelette, 10km (six miles) from Namur.

The passengers did not have time to jump out, the mayor of the nearby town of Fernelmont told AFP.

Pictures show black smoke billowing from a burnt-out fuselage.

"I just saw a plane lose its right wing in mid-flight and crash. I heard a massive 'bang' towards the south of Marchovelette," one witness told Belgian television.

"I didn't see anyone escape with a parachute," the witness added.

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