As it happened: Clashes in central Kiev

Key points

  • Dozens of people are killed in clashes between protesters and police in Kiev on Thursday - the bloodiest day of the unrest in Ukraine
  • French, Polish and German foreign ministers hold crisis talks through the night with both sides in Kiev
  • EU foreign ministers agree to impose sanctions on Ukrainian officials "responsible for violence and excessive force"
  • Ukrainian MPs pass a motion ordering both sides to cease fire
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Last updated 20 February 2014

BREAKING 06:40 Breaking News

Ukrainian presidency says deal reached at crisis talks with EU ministers and will be signed later on Friday, Reuters reports


A Ukrainian alpine skier and her coach have withdrawn from the Sochi Games in protest at the use of force by the authorities against protesters in Kiev.


Three European Union foreign ministers in Ukraine for talks with President Viktor Yanukovych leave without seeing him, citing security concerns.

TWEET 09:12

The BBC's Kevin Bishop in Kiev tweets: "I saw 5 dead bodies in our hotel lobby. Many wounded being treated here. Reception giving out bandages and water. #Kiev"


Fifteen bodies are lying on the ground covered by blankets on or near Kiev's Independence Square on Thursday, a Reuters photographer at the scene says.


French calls for elections in Ukraine are "inappropriate", Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin is quoted by Reuters as saying.


Both parliament and cabinet buildings are evacuated, with reports of police surrendering - (BBC Monitoring)


The scene in Kiev's Independence Square this morning, as protesters erect barricades. The scene in Kiev's Independence Square this morning, as protesters erect barricades.


The BBC's David Stern in Kiev says: Is this the beginning of the end of Ukrainian President Yanukovych? Or is it the merely the start of an even bigger and bloodier conflagration? At the moment, it seems highly unlikely - perhaps impossible - that a truce can be re-introduced and peace restored to Kiev's streets. The sound of the gunfire from Institutskaya street can be heard throughout Independence Square, and makeshift hospitals are littered with casualties and the seriously injured.


Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev says that his country can only have fully-fledged bilateral relations with Ukraine when its legitimate leadership is in "good shape", Interfax news agency reports.

TWEET 09:30

Journalist Christopher Miller in Kiev tweets: "More than 50 captured police led inside the energy building next door to city hall"