As it happened: Ukraine unrest: Kiev tense

Key points

  • Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and opposition leaders have signed a deal seeking to end the political crisis in the country
  • The president says new elections are to be held before the end of December.
  • Mr Yanukovych said the intention was to set up a unity government within 10 days.
  • Ukraine's parliament has approved the restoration of the 2004 constitution, curbing presidential powers
  • MPs voted to dismiss the interior minister and approve an amnesty for protesters accused of involvement in violence
  • Dozens of people were killed in clashes between protesters and police in Kiev on Thursday - the bloodiest day of the unrest. All times GMT.

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Last updated 21 February 2014


Welcome to our continuing coverage of unrest in Ukraine - a day after the deadliest clashes since anti-government protests began. At least 75 people were killed. Foreign ministers from Germany, France and Poland have been mediating crisis talks with President Viktor Yanukovych, who has announced that a deal has been reached to resolve the crisis. Neither the opposition nor the European foreign ministers have confirmed the announcement.


The signing of an agreement to resolve the crisis is expected at 12:00 (10:00 GMT), the presidential statement says. It says that no details of the agreement were given.


The Telegraph's Roland Oliphant

tweets: An intermittent bit of firework bangs, but Maidan is calm this morning


"It is a dark day for Europe when a government guns down its citizens," an editorial in The Times says. "The only slim consolation from the killing of two dozen demonstrators in Kiev is that it will speed the end of President Yanukovych."


The Interfax-Ukraine news agency says that there are up to 5,000 protesters in Kiev's Independence Square as of 05:20 local time on Friday morning while "no law enforcers have been spotted in the immediate vicinity of the barricades or in the streets adjacent to Independence Square". Protesters had been preparing tyres and petrol bombs and bringing them to the barricades all night, it says.


The Ukraine deal sees early elections, coalition, constitution change, AFP quoting TV reports says.


Protesters in Independence Square on Friday morning It is estimated that about 5,000 protesters were in Independence Square on Friday morning


Steve Rosenberg, BBC correspondent in Kiev

tweets: Talk of a deal to be "initialled" in Kiev? I remember Ukrainian authorities "initialled" Association Agreement with EU. But never signed it.


Mr Fabius has urged caution, Reuters reports, saying that the opposition needs more consultation time.


French news agency AFP quotes Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius as saying: "We cannot say anything definitive before the end of the morning" in relation to the possible signing of an agreement.