As it happened: Ukraine crisis - grip tightens

Key points

  • Russian military gives Ukrainian forces in Crimea until 03:00 GMT on Tuesday to surrender or face assault, Ukrainian officials say
  • Russian navy spokesman reportedly denies an ultimatum has been issued
  • EU foreign ministers condemn Russian "aggression" in Crimea and demand troops surrounding Ukrainian bases in Crimea withdraw
  • Ukraine's interim PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk says any attempt to seize Crimea will fail
  • Russian stock prices fall and rouble hits new low against dollar
  • All times GMT

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Last updated 3 March 2014


Welcome to our coverage of events in Ukraine, where the army is on full combat alert amid fresh diplomatic efforts to avert further escalation of the crisis.


Russian stock markets opened down at least 6% and the rouble plunged to historic new lows as investors panicked over the Kremlin's plan for military intervention in Ukraine, AFP reports.


Russia's central bank also raised its main interest rate to 7% from 5.5%.


Kevin Bishop, BBC News, Sevastopol

tweets: Crisis will soon be about more than troops on the ground.


Kevin Bishop, BBC News, Sevastopol

tweets: Minesweeper Turbinist from Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol harbour this morning - #Crimea

Minesweeper Turbinist from Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol harbour this morning


UK Foreign Secretary William Hague is in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, and has just visited some of the barricades leading into Maidan, the city's main square. He didn't take any questions.


Sarah Rainsford, BBC News, Kiev

says across Ukraine men have been receiving call-up papers and will start reporting for 10 days' training from Monday. There is widespread anger at Russia's actions - and many Ukrainians say they are prepared to fight, to defend their territory.


Russia and China are in broad agreement on Ukraine, says the Russian foreign ministry, as reported by AFP.