As it happened: Russia troops 'inside Ukraine'

Key points

  • President Poroshenko holds urgent talks in Kiev after saying Russian troops are in eastern Ukraine.
  • Ukraine's to bring back conscription - but will not send conscripts to fight in the east.
  • Pro-Russian rebels seize control of Novoazovsk in Ukraine's south-east, and threaten the port of Mariupol.
  • A pro-Russian rebel leader in eastern Ukraine, says 3-4,000 Russian citizens are fighting with the rebels.
  • The UN Security Council is holding an emergency session on Ukraine, which started at 19:00 BST.
  • All times BST (GMT + 1 hour).

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Last updated 28 August 2014


Welcome to our live coverage of unfolding events in Ukraine, after President Petro Poroshenko says Russia has sent troops to fight alongside rebels in the east of the country.


Mr Poroshenko said he had cancelled a trip to Turkey and called urgent meetings to co-ordinate his response.


The rebels have taken control of the strategic town of Novoazovsk and threatened to take the city of Mariupol, after opening a new front in the south-east.


A pro-Russian rebel leader in eastern Ukraine has said 3-4,000 Russian citizens are fighting in their ranks. Alexander Zakharchenko told Russian TV many of the Russians were former service people or current personnel on leave.


Rebels have been trying for weeks to break out of an area further north in the Donetsk region where they are almost encircled. Analysts say the separatists could also be seeking a land link between Russia and Crimea, which also would give them control over the entire Sea of Azov. Russia annexed the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea from Ukraine in March.


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David Stern,, BBC News

The Ukrainian officials have expressed a great deal of worry and concern about this new front in the southern part of the Donetsk region, down near the sea of Azov.


Rebel leader Alexander Zakharchenko is pictured speaking earlier in the separatists' capital, Donetsk.

Alexander Zakharchenko in Donetsk, 28 August


Russia has long been accused of having "boots on the ground" in eastern Ukraine. The mounting evidence of its involvement was reinforced by reports this week.