Northern Ireland

Police in Waringstown 'babysit' drunk underage teenagers

Waringstown Image copyright Albert Bridge/ CC Geograph
Image caption The incident happened in the village of Waringstown on the evening of 28 October

Police in a County Down village have said they were unable to respond to other calls because they were monitoring drunken teenagers.

Posting on Facebook, police said they had the "sad task of removing a number of underaged children from licensed premises in Waringstown" on 28 October.

"Sad because some of these teenagers (as young as 15) were quite clearly drunk."

Police have said they are investigating the matter.

The post added: "We do not want to spoil anyone's fun but the fact is that it is illegal to consume alcohol when you are under the age of 18 and it is illegal for licensed premises to serve alcohol when you are under 18.

"While at the premises we were able to see adults dropping teenagers off.

"We were then tied up and unable to respond to other calls as we waited with the children for parents to pick them up.

"The licensee of the premises was asked to close proceedings immediately."

Police said this "may seem like a harmless event for teenagers but when alcohol is involved, everyone becomes a little more vulnerable and events can take place that spiral out of control quickly".

"In this instance a number of those attending used fake identification to gain entry - this is an offence and criminal convictions can have long lasting consequences on work, travel and education opportunities," the post added.