At the queue for Charlie Hebdo

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Media captionWhy Parisians see it as important to buy this issue of Charlie Hebdo

Across France, people have been trying to get their hands on the latest edition of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Its initial print run has been selling fast - while some have been lucky, many others have missed out.

Pierre Berriennic

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"Everybody was waiting for the opening to get one because on the radio this morning they were already interviewing people at the kiosk.

"So when I left home this morning I was almost sure I would not get one. So it's not a miracle, but almost. Now the problem of press in France today is not to make or write newspapers, but to distribute them."


"It's a must to have Charlie. We are all Charlie."


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"I have already been round five other places and it's not even 07:00 yet and I couldn't find one, they had all been sold.

"I think that newspaper kiosks would have liked to have many more because they would have sold them straight away. So I'm queuing in the last one to open so as to try to get one. It is a souvenir for the march last Sunday."

Catherine Boniface

"This issue is symbolic, it represents their persistence, they didn't yield in the face of terror."

Jean-Baptiste, a delivery driver

"Distributing Charlie Hebdo, it warms my heart because we say to ourselves that he is still here, he's never left."

Claude Durand

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"It's important for me to buy it, firstly because I will learn more about the magazine and maybe this will inspire me to buy it in the future. But also given the situation at the moment, I think that all of France will be buying Charlie Hebdo."

Jamel, a newsstand owner

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"I was scared this morning when I found a huge queue outside the newsstand. There was such a crowd. People had reserved their issue a week ago. Some reserved theirs even before they [the magazine] decided to launch this issue."

Guezo Patta

"I had been waiting for it for an hour. Some people have been waiting here since 06:00. I was waiting in line for an hour, in the cold, but it had to be done. I'm so happy to have it."

Angelique Himuer

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"I know there will be more copies tomorrow and the day after, so we all hope to get one. Some people outside France, from China and the US, have asked me to book one for them so we'll all try to get it."

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