Simple Minds: Mugger told victim he was lead singer Jim Kerr

The Criminal Courts of Justice in Dublin
Image caption William Dunne pleaded guilty to the robbery at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court

A Scottish man who told his mugging victim he was the frontman of rock band Simple Minds before attacking him with a wine bottle has been jailed for two years in the Republic of Ireland.

On Friday, William Dunne admitted carrying out the robbery in Dublin.

During the attack, he asked his victim Ciaran McGinley: "Do you know who I am?", before informing him he was "Jim Kerr from Simple Minds".

He then waved the bottle at the man, struck him and took his phone.

Dunne, 55, and originally from Glasgow, pleaded guilty to the robbery on 14 May 2014, and to an earlier theft on the same day.

He also admitted the theft of a mobile phone in a bookmaker's shop on Upper Baggot Street in the city on 6 May 2014.


Dunne has numerous previous convictions including theft, criminal damage, assault causing harm and 79 public order offences.

The court was told that Mr McGinley, aged 60, was on his way to a chiropractor when Dunne approached him.

Dunne waved the wine bottle at him and asked Mr McGinley how much money he had before he demanded his phone.

He then struck his victim with the bottle, cutting his face just below his eye. Mr McGinley then handed over his phone.


Police viewed CCTV footage from nearby cameras and identified Dunne.

He was arrested on 24 May 2014 and claimed he could not remember the mugging because he was drunk.

The court heard that Dunne had been in Ireland for almost 19 years and had spent most of that time in custody due to his criminal offending.

A defence barrister said Dunne is now ready to return to Scotland and is willing to do so upon his release from jail.