World media hail little royal 'angel'

The arrival of the royal baby is front page news in many of the world's newspapers and websites, which run upbeat headlines such as "Behold, the new royal baby".

The Pakistani TV channel Geo News reported the arrival of the princess to the sound of the Bollywood song ''A little angel has come into my home'', while the biggest circulating English language paper there, Dawn, announces: "It's a girl!''

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"Britain rejoices - another Windsor girl" proclaims the popular Russian news website, noting that royal baby souvenirs will soon be on sale across the UK. "If you're in London, you know what to bring back," says correspondent Yuliya Verbi.

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Many Russian papers have been quick to share the first photos of the princess and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, highlighting that she will be the fourth in the line of succession to the British throne.

Canada's Toronto-based national daily, The Globe and Mail, reports that ''Britain's latest princess makes her debut'' and that ''The Duchess of Cambridge delighted her nation and royal enthusiasts around the world Saturday by delivering a princess''.

Also in Canada, the National Post declares the ''Royal baby wait is over as Kate and William show off second child''.

Australia's Sydney Morning Herald says the ''$2 billion daughter of Kate Middleton faces life of constant scrutiny'' and adds that ''The arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's second child marks the beginning of a new era of girl power for the Royal family.''

Somalia's Mareeg website carries several pictures of the baby alongside the headline "The British royal family shows the world the new princess'', while the South Africa's Sunday Times says: ''Baby first royal affected by new succession laws''

In Kenya The Standard newspaper reports "Royal baby news: It's not a boy'', and says: "Now the hot betting topic will be what her name will be with Alice, Victoria, Elizabeth and Alexandra as the top choices."

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In the Middle East, coverage of the new arrival has been low-key, and in Iran the conservative Mehr News Agency reports on a Western ''media frenzy'' over the birth while the Syrian conflict is ignored.

"While the news has been the hottest story in the Western media with considerable hype created over it, one of Saturday's main stories was the killing of 52 Syrian civilians in attacks by America and its allies, but astonishingly, the Western media completely ignored this significant story," Mehr says.

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